Brighten your spring wardrobe with help from Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan

These are the spring style ideas you need to hear!

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No one knows how to put together an outfit like Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan. His reccommendations  for spring are bright, bold and beautiful.

"I celebrate every equinox at the Somerset Collection in Troy," said Jordan, "It's just a tradition!"

He showed brands like Ferragamo and Gucci, MAC and MCM, but fashion doesn't only come from brand names.

An outfit is fashionable when it has an overall statement. This season isn't about wading into spring with pastels; it's about color that pops. Bright yellows next to deep purples, or "potent petunia" as Jordan calls it, make for a look that says you're ready to take on the world!

Jordan said, "If flourescent is a little bit too much for you I at least recommend that you embrace color in an unexpected way."

A marigold purse for example is a little more toned down in color, but it is still color. Treat it as a neutral and have fun with it.

"The whole point of color this summer is to be fearless."

Most important in your outfit choice is to have fun with it, so whatever you choose to wear; wear it proudly!