Go back to prehistoric times with Cranbrook Institute of Science

Take a trip back to the time of the dinosaurs, items are millions of years old

The Cranbrook Institute of Science has a chance for you to go back to prehistoric times and lean what led to the end of the dinosaurs, and it's quite the exhibit. John Zawiskie, curator of earth and life sciences at Cranbrook, joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr to explain some of the highlights visitors will see at the exhibit called, Doom of the Dinosaurs: Are we next?. 

The exhibit may sound dark, but it is very informational and entertaining. Zawiskie brought in many artifacts that are on display, including a piece of meteorite that landed on the earth and was a factor in ending the age of dinosaurs as we know. The meteorite is over 66 million years old, and many other pieces displayed are just as old. 

If you visit Doom of the Dinosaurs, you can also see bones, teeth and casts from animals like a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Mastodons. There are also artifacts that show animals from before dinosaurs roamed the earth. Prehistoric creatures from the oceans and lakes are also on display.