Have a ball at The Beach Detroit in Campus Martius

Enjoy this interactive artistic "pool" before summertime comes

We might be a few months away from being able to jump into a pool or a lake, but there's a new beach of sorts in downtown Detroit where you can start practicing your cannonballs. It's actually an art installation you can swim in, and it's called The Beach Detroit.

It's a new art installation by a group called Snarkatecture from New York. This is the latest stop on its tour. It's been to Washington, D.C, Bangkok, Sydney and most recently Chicago, and now it's landed in Detroit. If you think it's full of water and sand think again, all of the water is made out of 375,000 plastic balls, they're all type-4 recyclable and they are antimicrobial. And then all of the sand is made out of white AstroTurf. Antimicrobial means nothing can grow or transfer to the balls. 

The "water" is only 3- feet deep and there is a shallow end, for people who don't want to be completely submerged. There's a lifeguard on duty with a helping hand to help you out. If you want to go swimming at this beach, you have to set an appointment. You get about 45 minutes to enjoy this "water". It's free and open to the public, and will be in Detroit until April 14.