Check out the Naturalista Expo at the Cobo Center

Kimberly Elise shares keys to living a natural lifestyle

If you've wanted to live a more natural lifestyle we've got the perfect place for you this weekend.  It is the Naturalista Expo and its happening this Saturday and Sunday at the Cobo Center in Downtown Detroit. Actoress Kimberly Elise and Event Organizer of the Naturalist Expo Audrina Denise joined Tati Amare in the studio today to let viewers know what to expect at the event.

"The Naturalista Expo is an opportunity for people to learn how to live healthy through vegan nutrition, fitness and also selfcare," said Denise. She said they will focus on any aspect of living life in a healthy vegan way.

Elise explained how she started her natural hair product line. "A few years ago my daughter and I started our own natural hair care line called Kimberly Elise Naturals," said Elise. "When I returned to my own natural textured hair, I really wanted to have products that honored my nautral lifestyle."  She said the products are clean and they are designed for coily and dry hair textures.

Denise said all the food at the event will be vegan and it will be prepared by alkaline chefs. She also said that there will be cruelty free products at the event as well. "My favorite prodcut is So Socialite Essential and it's really for paying attention to what you put on your body," said Denise. She also named other products like the natural deordorant, soap and mist.

Denise added that the VIP guest will get the opportunity to do a meet and greet with Kimberly Elise and a chance to get a swag bag which consists of a natural empowered journal, travel size natural skin and hair products. "This weekend will be a healing and learning weekend so people can learn how to reverse diseases through plant based nutrients and really learn how to be healthy." 

To learn more about the Naturalista Expo event and where to purchase tickets visit the website.