At what age do you let your kids go on spring break alone?

Most schools will be out next week and we want to talk about everything that goes on. Joining our hosts, Tati Amare and Jason Carr, are Vanessa Choen, the founder of the Cohen Brand, Kerry Doman, the founder of the local family website Little Guide Detroit and Shelleen McHale, a marketing specialist. All of the ladies are mothers with kids of various ages, from under a year to over 20. 

So first up: Is it okay for kids to go on spring break without an adult chaperone? What about college-aged children? Freshmen in college can be the same age as seniors in High School. If they can't go alone, do you let them go off by themselves on family vacations? The moms unanimously said "no."

"They're only 2 and 4 months, but I can't see myself allowing them - I know what happens on spring break, I did it, so no," said Doman.  McHale mentioned that she accompanied her son on his senior spring break, and her 14-year-old son is going on vacation with his godmother, pointing out that an adult chaperone is important. Cohen mentioned that if you are at a resort as a family she would be ok with the kids going off on their own to do supervised age-related activities, but she still expects them to check in with her.

So how do you keep everyone interested on a family vacation, from the 15-year-old to the 5-year-old? Cohen admits that it is a tough line to walk, mentioning this was the only time a Disney vacation would work for her family since her youngest kids are now old enough to remember it while the older ones are still interested. She says she often looks at resorts to make sure they have things to do for everyone. McHale has a different approach, pointing out that for her, going on vacation was an opportunity for her to go home and see her family, so she doesn't really cater to any of her kids. "It's family, we make it all work," said McHale.   

We asked our viewers, "At what age do you let your kids go on spring break alone?" and Michelle Oliver came in with their responses.

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