The vet from the Michigan Humane Society is in to answer questions about your pets

Viewers send in questions about their pets and get answers from the vet

What's going on with your pet these days? Do you have questions about their health? Our friends at the Michigan Humane Society and veterinarian Dr. Kelley Meyers joined Jason Carr and Tati Amare to answer our viewers' questions.

The first question was from Stephanie who says her German Shepherd appears to enjoy eating her own excrement. Stephanie says her dog is fed the recommended amount of dog food, has dog bones and treats. Is this normal? Dr. Meyers says, "It probably won't cause harm as long as your dog is eating its own poop, but be careful about the dog licking you." It could also be a medical condition, and it's especially concerning for German Shepherds who can develop problems with the pancreas and can't absorb the nutrients in their food. Then they eat the poop to get the nutrients that have passed through their systems. She advises getting your dog checked by a veterinarian if they have this behavior.

The next question is from Kimberly who says her 7-year old cat Boo doesn't have fleas but is itching so much he is losing his hair. Dr. Meyers suspects it could be allergies and a vet can help.

The final question is from Nancy who says her 12-year old dog is suffering from arthritis and is on medication but she wonders if there is a way to relieve the pain through massage. Dr. Meyers says there are a few places in the Greater Detroit area that are certified in canine massage therapists who can also give you tips to take home and try massaging your pet at home. Hydrotherapy is helpful, so taking them swimming is an option. Accupuncture may also be helpful and many vets can perform this to help give your pet relief.

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at their locations in Westland, Rochester HIlls and Detroit. To schedule an appointment for your pet and get more information visit their website michiganhumane.org.