Is it okay to prank your kids?

This is not a joke

It's April Fool's Day and that can mean a day of pranks for people, but are pranks okay to do? Can they go too far? What about pranking kids? Talking about all of this and more is our What's the Buzz panel. Joining hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr are Kim Trent, a local writer and regent at Wayne State University, Jason Hall with RiDetroit, and Blaine Fowler, host of "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD. 

Sometimes pranks can be large scale, like the prank for the movie, "Carrie", that went viral showing a woman who seems to have telekinetic powers in a New York coffee shop. More than 70 million people watched the video (see below).

Did this prank go too far? What about others like it? Carr posed an interesting question asking if someone saw the prank, freaked out and ran outside and got hit by a bus, who would you consider responsible? Hall said he believed everyone who took part in the prank should share the blame. Both Amare and Trent said they would have run if they saw the woman with the supernatural powers. Fowler, on the other hand, said he would stay and watch. Carr admitted that he would have stayed and watched for a while before leaving. Hall said he would have been skeptical of the whole situation and would stay to try and figure out how it was done. 

Next up: Is it okay for kids to pull pranks? Fowler and his family have a fun family prank where they post a picture of Kim Jong-Il in random places around the house and whoever finds it needs to place it somewhere else. Hall said he was never much into pranking and does not plan to teach his daughter how to prank people. Trent admitted she pulled a prank on her kids when she wore a sleeping bonnet to pick them up from school.

That brought us to our next topic, is it okay to prank kids? A great example of this is on the Jimmy Kimmell show where parents tell kids they ate all their Halloween candy. Trent summed up the group's opinion, "It's funny, but it is not right."

We also asked our Live in the D viewers what they thought and our Michelle Oliver came in with their answers:

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