Max and Chloe Chilton discuss family and IndyCar racing before the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix

The challenges and the fun that go along with the racing life

Max and Chloe Chilton lead a fascinating life. Like something from a storybook they're young, good looking and adventurous. As a professional IndyCar racer, Max will soon be racing in Belle Isle in the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, and they stopped by Live in the D to talk about their lives.

Things are a bit different when racing takes you around the world. For example when Max recently got curious about ice hockey he did what we all do and saw the Detroit Red Wings play, but for him that included participating in an on-ice race to promote the upcoming Grand Prix.

Chloe also experiences things a bit differently. She spent her birthday morning being interviewed by Jason Carr about her life and the upcoming races.

She expressed pride in her husband and the life they've built, but said that it is not all lighthearted.

"It's a whole big bundle of emotions," said Chloe, "It's exciting, but sometimes it's nerve racking. I try not to get too nervous, but sometimes you can't help yourself."

Fortunately Chloe Chilton is part of a community of racing wives who understand.

She said, "We're all in the same boat. ... The girls over here, they all know what you're going through."

The Chiltons have a lot planned in a short amount of time. Right along with the promotional tours and meeting celebrities, there's also the business of racing cars.

"We like to think we're pretty down to earth people." said Max, quickly adding, "Well, not 'down' that much, because we're up in the air most of the time traveling across the Atlantic..."

You can see Max and the other professional IndyCar racers at the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle Friday May 31-June 2.