The Little Guide for Big Family Fun

Fun things to do together with the kids at home

It's the middle of spring break week for most and kids and families around town and if the youngsters are getting bored, LittleGuide Detroit  has got you covered. Kerry Doman is the founder of the website which is filled with what every local parent needs to find fun events, activities, classes and more for their children. 

" If you have kids you know that they dont sit still very long and they always have to find something to do with them," said Doman "and if you're looking for activities at home or getting out of the house then our website has got you covered."

Doman said they started LittleGuide Detroit because she has two little boys and she was looking for activities to do with young children. "I wanted to find a guide for classes because what can you do with a 4 month old which changes drastically when they are 2? So now we have a guide for classes for the specific ages."

Doman brought some activites to the set to show viewers that you can still have fun with your children by doing home activites. She said that gardening with your child can be easy and exciting. Easter is approaching but it will be a little late this year, so Doman gave us a better way to have some egg-citing fun by painting plastic eggs, so they can last longer than hard boiled eggs. The next activity she showcased was a little house made out of marshmallow peeps, graham crackers, and pink cake icing. 

If you want to get more family fun filled ideas check out the LittleGuide Detroit website.