Breaking through the barriers of dementia with art therapy at Lourdes Senior Community

Art is making a difference for seniors living with challenging conditions

There is a beautiful way to break through the barriers of one of the more challenging conditions that develop in our older loved ones. Our friends at Lourdes Senior Community are helping to bring joy to people with dementia through a program that is centered around art. Regina Mallett joined Tati Amare to discuss how the program works. 

Mallett said this art program is an award-winning, evidence-based activity that allows children and people with Alzheimer's or dementia to be creative. It also allows people to engage in social surroundings. She said when a person has a neurological condition, it is best to have consistent routines. With the art program, first the resident sings a song, then begins to paint. Throughout the entire time the resident is painting, they are engaged in conversation; the conversation ranges from the painting techniques to aspects of their lives. 

The program also involves students assisting the residents, Allison Clancy and Logan Jacobson are two participants.  The students are paired up with a specific resident, and they create an intergenerational bond. The experience also help the students learn more about possible career paths. 

There will be an art exhibit highlighting the resident's work on May 9 at Lourdes Senior Community starting at 6 p.m.

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This segment is sponsored by Lourdes Senior Community.