Easter basket ideas for the whole family

Mark Piotrowski demonstrate how to assemble an Easter basket

Easter is this Sunday and that means the Easter bunny will be hoping around with some baskets, but if you want to give one to someone special we have some ideas for you. Mark Piotrowski with Papa Joe's Gourmet Market and Catering stopped by Live In The D with some ideas.

Piotrowski brought in some items to demonstrate how to make Easter baskets. He said when a person prepares a basket it's best to put the taller gifts in the back and the shorter gifts in the front. By doing that it gives the basket some height. He started to assemble the basket with some fake grass at the bottom next some peeps in the back thatn some candy carrots bunnies with eggs and a knder eggs. He said customers can get any of the items at the store.

Next he talked about a basket full of flowers. "Easter is not just for the kids," said Piotrowski. "The Easter bunny brings lots of fun beautiful plants too, for your family members, moms, dads, grandmothers and lots of fun beautiful things." He said they can custom make the baskets at the store. He said they are also premade and ready for purchase for the customers.