One, he makes our dreams come true. Two, Brian McKnight's in studio!

With 16 Grammy nominations, countless hits, and more than 25-million albums sold, with a new one on the way, Brian McKnight has been serenading the world for years! Tonight he will be bringing his smooth sounds to the Soundboard at Motor City Casino, but beforehand he stopped by the Live in the D studio to catch up with us. 

He is releasing his 17th album in June and it is called "Bedtime Story,"

"I'm giving you 60 minutes of love making music," said McKnight.  

The new single off the album is called "When I'm Gone" and was inspired by his wife. She gets to see many of his shows and travels with him but there are times when they can't be together.

"It's getting to the point where it is getting harder and harder to be apart," explained McKnight. 

McKnight actually announced his engagement to his wife on Live in the D in 2017 after proposing to her earlier that day in Detroit. Mcknight said Detroit holds a special place in his heart and that they are even staying in the same hotel room he proposed to his wife in. 

So what does Brian McKnight like listen to? He says he likes to listen to the same few albums including stuff from Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Earth Wind and Fire.

"I always go back to the greats because those records still sound like they were made yesterday," said McKnight. 

McKnight also has an app he's been developing for the last 5 years called "VRL" or Video Request Line. On the app, you can request a personalized video message from Brian McKnight for a fee. 

Brian McKnight will be performing all his classic songs as well as some tributes in his concert tonight at 8 pm in the Soundboard theater at Motor City Casino. 

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