This place serves home cooking so good you'll think your grandma made it!

People are lining up to get into this Flat Rock hot spot!

From freshly baked pies to homemade biscuits and gravy, Kate's Kitchen is serving up food just like your grandma used to make, or to be more accurate, how Alexis LaVoy's grandma used to make. 

This cozy Flat Rock restaurant got its start thanks to Alexis' grandma, Kate. She started off by baking fresh pies and selling them around Flat Rock. They were so good and selling so well she eventually got a little kitchen to make them. From there people started asking her to serve lunch and breakfast alongside her pies and that is how the current Kate's Kitchen came to be. 

Alexis' mom took over the joint when her grandparents retired, and now Alexis is running the place.

"I always baked with my grandmother," explained Alexis. "So that was always a really deep connection that we had and I feel like her hands are working through mine."

The place is very warm and welcoming and always bustling with activity. Longtime customers will tell you to come early since they frequently get a line out the door. They will also tell you to wear a pair of sweatpants since the food is so good, you 'll need the extra room.

Speaking of food, they serve breakfast and lunch alongside a plethora of baked goods including their pies. Grandma Kate's recipes are still in use and everything is made by hand, including all of their bread. Their most popular pie is their coconut cream pie, and they are also well known for their biscuits and gravy.

If you do come, though, remember to bring cash because, at this old school place, cash is king.

Kate's Kitchen is located at 26558 W Huron River Drive in Flat Rock.

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