Music Monday: Honoring the best in Detroit music

Who will bring home the gold at the 28th annual Detroit Music Awards?

Music Monday today ia all about Detroit's amazing singers, musicians and more. The 28th annual Detroit Music Awards will be held at the Filmore this Friday night. Co-founder of the event Garry Graff joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr in the sudio today to give viewers details on the event. Graff said, "It's one night of the year they can get everybody in the Detroit music industry under one roof."

"I love looking out on the room and see rappers talking to classical musicians," said Graff. He said there is so much music critism because of the internet, "It can be confusing because we don't know what's credible and what's not credible." Graff said when it comes to Detroit, there is an active online community.

Graff advised that the Detroit Music Awards is like the Grammy's in regards to how they conduct the voting process. "The recording academy, made up of music professionals. detertmines the votes." He said there is a three stage process until they can reach the final winner. When asked his views on Detroit music today he said, "Detroit music across the board is known as the best music city in the world." He said people in other parts of the world know about Detroit's strong jazz history, and electronic and techno which was born here in Detroit.

There was also a performance by one of the Detroit Music Award Nominees Tosha Owens

If you want to know more about the Detroit Music Awards and how to puchase tickets, visit their website.