4 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home

One of the big jobs around the house this time of year is spring cleaning, and we've got 4 easy steps to a cleaner home thanks to our friends at Centurion Services. Kathy Keiper is the owner, and she is sharing her tips and tricks with us. 

1) Start at the top. Start by getting the dust off the tops of everything, including windows, cabinets and more. This goes for organizing as well, organize from the top down, and don't forget to clean your light fixtures. Dusting will help people with allergies.  Also consider dusting things you usually skip, like your blinds. For ceiling fans, she recommends using an old pillowcase to cover the fan blade and then slowing pull it off to keep all the dust in the case. 

2) Tackle the middle. After you finish the top, it's time to consider the middle with items like table tops and counter space. Consider cleaning the sides of your furniture and vacuum the whole piece. Allergy sufferers will thank you. 

3) Prep the floors for cleaning, then clean them. This means picking up all the knick-knacks on the floor. You want a clean space for the carpet cleaners to work. All the dust and dander that we have been tracking in all winter is stuck in our floors so they will need a deep clean. 

4) Get professional protection to keep your home clean. After all the hard work of cleaning is done, the last thing you want is for it to get dirty again. Investing in some fabric and carpet protection can save you in the long run, making things like spills, not a big deal. 

Centurion was started in 1980 at Kathy Keiper's kitchen table, doing carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, leather care and repair, and fabric protection. They have many specials going on right now for cleaning and upholstery, and tile and grout. For more information on all Centurion Services has to offer, visit their website centurionservices.com


This article was sponsored by Centurion Services.

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