Enjoy Cinco de Mayo and the summer with drinks from Pernod Ricard

Festive mixes that are perfect for any spring, summer celebration

Cinco de Mayo is Sunday. Instead of celebrating with a tradional margarita, why not get more creative? Our friends at Pernod Ricard have some innovative recipes for the occassion. Roger Fruin, who is a bartender at the Library at The Detroit Club, joined Jason Carr to discuss some cocktails that will be a hit at any party this summer.

Fruin said The Detroit Club has been called the orginal social club of Detroit, opening before The Detroit Athletic Club by a couple of years. He said it is a great place for business people, before and after meetings, and pre or post events. Fruin made a Paloma, which is a traditional Mexican cocktail, out of Pernod Ricard branded mezcal and tequila. He mixed grapefuit soda and fresh juice, and a pinch of salt.

Another cocktail Fruin presented was the Avion Reposado. Reposado, meaning aged or rested, is placed in American White Oak barrels for a certain amount of time. It was mixed into a cocktail that brings out the peppery and oak flavors the Reposado offers. Lastly, he served up the Reposado Anejo. Anejo means aged, and is highlighted as a newer liquor that is hitting bars. It has a smokey flavor that creates "a party for all of the senses".

To get new ideas for your Cinco de Mayo cocktails, visit the websites tequilaavion.com or delmaguey.com.

This segment was sponsored by Pernod Ricard.