Two movies that will you laugh hit the big screen this weekend

Kelly Clarkson, Charlize Theron and more star in new movies

Kelly Clarkson, Charlize Theron and more star in new movies hitting big screens this weekend. We heard all about them in Reel Talk thanks to our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas. Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr to discuss "Ugly Dolls" and "Long Shot."

"There is a land where 'Ugly Dolls' live," said Russell. "It's a movie about teaching people to like folks for who they are." Russell said all the dolls look different and have different personalities, but they come together when something goes wrong. Russell also said the music is going to be something that kids will love and they will be singing along to the soundtrack. "It's a nice, little, fun movie."

Next up, "Long Shot" starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen. In this romantic comedy, Theron plays Rogen's babysitter growing up, and he has a crush on her when they're young. When Theron's character grows up and decides to run for president, she reaches out to Rogen's character to help her with speech writing. The movie follows the relationship these two build as they spend time together again and realize there is a spark between them.

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