Mosaic Youth Theatre transports audience from Detroit to Dakar

"Detroit to Dakar," is the Detroit Mosaic Youth Theatre's newest original production, about Africa.

The Mosaic Youth Theatre is known for its talented students and one of a kind productions. Mosaic Youth Theatre has toured around the world, sharing their artistry. Their newest production portrays the culture shock Mosaic Theatre students experienced while on tour in Dakar, Senegal in 2003.

To successfully capture and showcase authentic African culture, Mosaic partnered with Heritage Works, an organization embodying African diaspora art; celebrating the beauty and humanity of African people through music, movement and traditions.

Members of the Mosaic Youth Theatre stopped by the studio to preview their upcoming show, along with a drummer from Heritage Works. 

Accompanying the musicians and dancers was Mosaic founder, Rick Sperling, he expressed excitement and high hopes for Mosaic entering it's 27th season. Founded in 1992 to address gaps in Metro Detroit arts education.

"Detroit to Dakar," will be presented at the Detroit Institute of Arts from May 10th - May 19th,  for more information visit their website.