Talkin' with Tati: What did mom say to you?

What did your mom used to say to you that has stuck with you forever?

Our moms teach us all kinds of lessons growing up and many times their words of wisdom will stay with us for a lifetime. Host Tati Amare asked people in Detroit to share some of the "mom-isms" that stuck with them after they grew up.

One woman talked about situations when she was a kid and something would go missing, her mom would say, "Well the last place I left them was." Another person remembered her mom always saying, "I'm not one of your little friends." One woman said her mom would use the adage, "Don't do as I do, do as I say." 

One person said her mom said everything, by saying nothing at all. "The long look and then silence, where I had a couple seconds to think of all the many things she could say."

Finally, one man said he remembered his mother telling him not to crack his knuckles or his fingers would stay that way.

What do you remember your mom telling you as you grew up? Let us know in the comments below.