Mother's Day makeovers you can do at home

Mother's Day is the perfect time to recognize our moms and all they do for their kids. But aside from the usual flowers, cards and gifts we decided to give a few moms the gift of beauty and update their makeup routines. 

Brandi Taylor, who is a makeup artist and educator from Xquisitelooks, joined us in studio Wednesday morning with some lovely moms to help them with some makeup concerns they have. 

The first mom, Jennifer O'Shay, was concerned about her hooded eyelids. Taylor helped by doing a technique to lighten the area. "What you bring light to, you make it more pronounced, so I helped her bring out her eyes more," said Taylor. Taylor did this by adding fake eyelashes, a light face and body foundation, a little bit of blush and bronzer, and used a light pink lipstick. 

The second mom was Cierra Trotter, who was concerned with some of her blemishes. Taylor used a green color corrector to correct some of her redness. 

The third mom was Tracy Harris, who wanted to learn to do makeup because she had never worn makeup before. Taylor focused on bringing out Harris' features. She did this by using primer to smooth out her skin, a little bit of highlighter, shimmer eye shadow, and a bold lip color.

Harris gave advice on how to do all these looks at home, but you can also have her professionals give you the look you want by searching for Xquisitelooks.