3 Local spots this Eastern Market shop owner thinks you should check out!

Here on Live in the D we love to highlight the people, places, and things that make Detroit home for you. So we decided to focus on someone who knows Eastern Market in and out, Karen Brown, the owner of Savvy Chic, whose store has been in the district for over 15 years. Most people know her for her beautifully curated home decor and fashion boutique, but there's more to this fashionable lady than what meet's the eye. Karen also considers herself the gummie bear queen, her favorite outfit is her coveralls and tool belt, and she can't pass up a flea market, garage or estate sale.

So what makes Detroit home for her? She showed us around 3 places that make up her Detroit.

1) SavannahBlue
1431 Times Square, Detroit

This contemporary eatery is known for its soul food and sophisticated atmosphere. "It's off the beaten path, but it is not to be missed," said Brown. She raved about their quality customer service and good food. She recommends you try the catfish, as it is her favorite dish.

2) Cinema Detroit
4126 3rd Ave., Detroit

"Every time someone visits me, that's the place I want to take them to," says Brown. Cinema Detroit is a funky arthouse cinema that shows a variety of films including classics, independents, documentaries, and foreign films. It is set inside a former school and you will know it by a beautiful floral mural painted on the outside. Brown loves it not only for its movie selection but for its price as well, mentioning she loves their $2 bag of popcorn.

3) Third Avenue Hardware 
3645 3rd Ave., Detroit

Located just down the street from Cinema Detroit, this locally owned hardware shop has been in the area for decades. Brown said she loved their friendly service, mentioning they've helped her with her home projects on multiple occasions. "It's just like going to your father's house and saying, 'Oh I need this. I need to fix this, how do I do this?'" said Brown.

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