Music Monday: Audio Birds at The Rent Party

Music Monday today is all about a special event happening at the Kresge Mansion in Arden Park in Detroit. The event is The Rent Party and it benefits the South Oakland Shelter. Paddy Lynch, the owner of the Kresge Mansion, joined us in the studio on Monday morning to talk about the event. 

The Rent Party was created by the South Oakland Shelter to assist with its rental assistance programs. The event raises money to help people that need assistance paying rent for six months up to a year, while they are trying to get back on their feet. 

The Kresge Mansion was designed by the Williams Brothers 100 years ago. However, Stanley Kresge and his wife moved to the mansion in 1944. Lynch bought the mansion seven years ago and has been rehabing it and bringing it back to life. 

Music is a main part of the event and The Audio Birds also joined us in studio to showcase some tunes that they will be preforming at The Rent Party. The Audio Birds are an instrumental group that focuses on experimental world 'now music.' The group is made up of three members James Simonson, Sean Blackman and Larry Fratangelo.

You can find more information about the event online.