Take years off your look in minutes with this!

This is the season of weddings, graduations, and family reunions, and everyone wants to look their best. Luckily, you can get a fresher appearance in just a few minutes thanks to our friends at Plexaderm. Stephanie Jacoli, a lifestyle consultant with Plexaderm, joined host Tati Amare to talk more about it.   

It is a topical skin care product that  helps with not only under eye bags but with fine lines and wrinkles as well. Plexaderm will absorb into your skin and tighten up loose skin. You can see a variety of before and after pictures and timelapse videos in the video above. It can be used anywhere on your face and neck. 

Plexaderm is made using shale rock, which is a form of clay, so it is a natural and relatively pain-free alternative to injections, Jacoli pointed out.

For more information visit plexaderm.com or call 800-944-4173. Plexaderm is offering a special discount: You can get 50% off plus free shipping if you ask.

This article is sponsored by Plexaderm. 

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