You won't want to miss Flower Day at Eastern Market!

If you are looking to step up the curb appeal of your home then you should plan on going to one of the biggest celebrations of spring in Detroit this weekend, Flower Day at Detroit's historic Eastern Market! Emma Velasco, Chief Operating Officer of the Eastern Market Corporation, and Jerry Tuinier, the president of Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association joined host Tati Amare on set to discuss this big event. 

Flower Day is happening this Sunday, May 19th from 7am to 5pm. The market will be home to hundreds of flowers, some of which you can't get at the market any other time of year. They estimate there will be about 15 acres of flowers at the Market. You can also meet the farmers and learn how to take care of the plant you are bringing home, as well as what plants will work well in your garden. There is also always food and great people watching. 

Velasco recommends you bring a wagon to help carry your flowers. There will also be convenient drop-off zones, where you can drop off a portion of your purchases as you shop for more, and they will bring them to the outskirts of the market for you to easily bring to your car when you are ready to leave. Tati's pro tip is to wear comfortable boots since the market can get a little wet at times.

So what kind of flowers can you find there? According to Tuinier, a wide range. Basically, if you want it, he says you should be able to find it there. 

There will be free parking around the market, with one of the biggest lots being on the north end. There is also a lot on the South end and one by Shed 3. 

This will be the 53rd annual Flower Day Market.

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