A sweet surprise is buzzing in Detroit!

Heart of Detroit - Detroit Hives

Detroiters and founders of Detroit Hives, Timothy Paule Jackson and Nicole Lindsey discovered their love for bees when Timothy had trouble getting rid of a cold. 

The cold led him to local raw honey and he realized that the supply of raw honey in Detroit was scarce. Now, he and Nicole have brought the bees, their beehives and honey to the city. "Currently we are in 7 locations and we are building 34 beehives throughout the metro Detroit area," Timothy said. 

Some of their locations include Mumford High School, Hope Takes Root in Corktown and they plan to place hives at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center on the east side of Detroit. 

Timothy and Nicole believe there is a misunderstanding when it comes to bees. Nicole said, "People misidentify them between wasps and yellow jackets. Wasps and yellow jackets are the most commonly seen." 

The two talked about what happens when they get stung and how to get the honey out of the hive. 

They are hoping to work with local schools, community organizations as well as utilize empty lots in the city.