Get healthy and happy with your pets and Priority Health

Pet are doing something every day to make life a little easier

We all love our pets, which turns out to be a really good thing. Not only can they help make us healthy, but they can enhance our lives in all kinds of other ways. Molly McCoy, from our friends at Priority Health, and Mike Palmer, owner of Premier Pet Supply, joined Jason Carr to discuss the benefits pets bring to our households.

McCoy said our pets help us emotionally and physically. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say pets help lower blood pressure which helps prevent strokes, reduces cholestrol levels and chances for heart attacks. McCoy also said pets can bring a sense of happiness and comfort to a home. 

Palmer said when it comes to choosing what kind of pet you should bring into a home, figuring out your lifestyle is key. If a person has a very active schedule or routine, a cat may be the best choice, due to their independent and calm demeanor. If you are looking for an active pet, there are certain breeds of dogs that are always a great choice. 

McCoy said studies have shown if a child has a pet in the home, they develop stronger immune systems and are less likely to have allergies or asthma. Palmer said the partnership between Priority Health and Premier Pet Supply is important because it shows how important pets are in a household and to a person's overall health. 

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