Kensington Art Festival set for this weekend

There are only three days until Memorial Day weekend, or as we love to call it, the unofficial start of summer. With the warm weather comes all kinds of festivals and one of them is happening this weekend at the Kensington Metro Park. It is the Kensington Art Fair, and Skip Davis, an art collector, and Jessica Considine, with the fair, joined Kim DeGiulio in studio Wednesday. 

A big part of the art show is the famous "Paint by Numbers," which is filling in an area designated with a number with the corresponding paint color. Dan Robbins who recently passed away, was the inventor of "Paint by Numbers," which he started in Detroit.

There will be five different opportunities for people to try paint-by-numbers where people can come in and choose whatever painting they want and paint for however long they want," said Considine. After the show the paintings will be displayed at Kensington Metro Park. 

The art fair will feature 75 different artists from 15 states. "All of our art is fine quality art, and the prices start at around $30 and go up from there, so there really is an option for everybody," said Considine. "There will also be live performances and food trucks." 

The Kensington Art Fair starts Saturday and runs through Monday.