Lake Orion is teaching science in a unique way!

You've heard of school football and basketball coaches, but our friends at the Lake Orion Community Schools District have an innovative coaching program that is all about getting kids excited about things like science, technology, engineering, and math, otherwise known as STEM. 

There are a lot of career opportunities that involve these subjects and so it has been a hot topic for educators to find new and exciting ways to teach them to get kids interested. Lake Orion Community School District is tackling this topic head-on by using STEM coaches. These coaches work with the teachers to create fun and educational lesson plans to teach these subjects.

"What do we want to do to engage the students? What do we want to do to really make sure that they understand that concept?" are questions STEM coach Andrea Brook says she works on with the teachers.

The teacher and coach will then, often, tag team the teaching of the lesson in class. Just like athletic coaches, they will have a "post-game" meeting to discuss what worked well and what they want to improve for the next time. 

They try to keep their lesson and experients hands-on and rooted in real-world problems to keep the kids' attention. They showed us an example of this with some of their students trying to problem solve what causes a balloon to deflate.

Teachers love the extra help with planning and teaching the lessons, and the kids love how interactive it is. 

"We don't tell them science, they figure out science," said Andrea Moede, a teacher with Lake Orion Schools. 

To find out more info about the innovative teaching they offer at Lake Orion Community School District, visit lakeorionschools.org.