Have a drink and feel at home at Destination 1905

The bar in an actual house pays homage to immigrants who came to Detroit

If you are heading for a night out on the town, you want to feel comfortable and at home. Look no further than a place in Detroit's Indian Village that fits the bill. Destination 1905 is a place that is literally in a house on the corner of a thriving neighborhood.

Located on Kercheval Avenue, Destination 1905 is not your normal watering hole. Owners Petra and George Anthony bought the house, which is over 100 years old, in 2017 and decided to renovate it. The bar opened in late 2018 and has been serving exotic drinks ever since. Petra and her staff have worked together for many years and considers each other family, which is where the "destination" part of the name comes in.  The owners want patrons to make the bar their go-to place to grab a drink.

The second part of the name, 1905, is inspired by a cool fact of Detroit history. Petra did some investigating about the city and found out that the year 1905 is when many immigrants decided to call Detroit home. It was a fact that hit home for Petra since she is also an immigrant from Slovakia. Destination 1905 celebrates the diverse neighborhood by featuring  a different country each month and serving a few cocktails inspired by that country.

If you get hungry, there is a food truck parked in the front, Coctina GTO, which serves Mexican street fare. You can even bring the food inside the bar and enjoy it with a beverage.