Meet the pet that rules the pits

You could feel the excitement on Belle Isle this morning as fans prepare for the 30th Chevrolet Grand Prix show this weekend. One of the drivers that fans will be keeping an eye on is Simon Pagenaud, the man who won the Indy 500 last weekend. There's another reason people will be keeping an eye on him: Norman is Pagenaud's Jack Russell terrier who has a fan following all his own and travels with the Indy 500 champion to all of his races. 

Pagenaud's fiancee, Hailey McDermott and Norman stopped by to talk about Norman's stardom and social media presence. Norman has nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram and made his debut here in Detroit. "After Simon one year -- in, I think 2014 or 2015 -- he went with him into the media center after the race. He was just a little baby and he responded to the camera nicely," said McDermott. 

Mike Morse, of the Mike Morse Law Firm, is the presenting sponsor of our All For Pets franchise and he stopped by as well. Morse covers the standard adoption fees for pets that are featured on the show. Morse said, "It makes me feel really good. I get lots of nice emails from the people who are getting the dogs. I get to see the pictures and it makes me feel really good that more animals are getting out of the shelters and into people's homes."

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