Your Keurig machine isn't just for morning coffee anymore

Most people use their Keurigs in the morning to brew that perfect cup of coffee. However, there is a product that is made in Michigan that will let you take your machine from morning hour to happy hour. What we are talking about are the new beverage pods from the company Cask and Kettle. The company's co-founder, Pete Borozan, joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr in studio Tuesday to talk about his product. 

Cask and Kettle is a complete hot cocktail that sits in a Keurig K-Cup, but instead of coffee grounds, it's filled with a liquid concentrate. "The way it works is just like a regular K-Cup, you put it in the brewer, clamp it down and hit your 8 oz button," explained Borozan.

You can get Cask and Kettle K-Cups in two flavors: spiked apple cider and Irish coffee. They also have two more flavors coming out soon. They are a Mexican coffee, which is a tequila-based drink, and a hot blonde, which is a vanilla coffee with vodka. 

The K-Cups are prefilled with the alcohol and are $2.99 a pod. "We call that happy hour pricing," said Borozan. 

In the winter, they will release a minty mocha and pear cider flavor. To see where you can buy Cast and Kettle K-Cups search online.