You don't have to clean your cat's litter box anymore

Cleaning the litter box might be one of the biggest chores for cat moms and dads. However, it doesn't have to be anymore thanks to a homegrown product called the Litter Robot that is taking the stink out of pet care. The executive vice president of the Litter Robot company, Jacob Zuppke, joined us in the studio to talk about the cat product. 

The Litter Robot is entirely different than your typical litter box. "Litter Robot is fully automatic and self-cleaning, so when your cat gets in the litter box, it is going to start cleaning about seven minutes after the cat leaves, automatically," said Zuppke. 

So just how does the self-cleaning processes work? "Litter Robot's path and sifting process separates the clumps from the clean litter and then deposits the dirty clumps into the waste drawer beneath the actual litter box," said Zuppke.

Litter Robot is based on a weight sensing system, so if a cat decides to hop back in when the Litter Robot is self-cleaning, the cleaning will automatically stop. Therefore, your cat will not get injured. 

You can use any type of clumping cat litter in the Litter Robot. The Litter Robot can also connect to your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, which can be set to automatically start cleaning when the Litter Robot begins its cleaning cycle. This feature will prevent your cat from tracking litter throughout your house. 

The Litter Robot is $499, and you can buy it on litterrobot.com or catpoop.com.