Take a tour of Detroit in style with Russell Brothers City Tour

Learn about the city from a long time resident and fan of all things Detroit

You may know Greg Russell as the movie reviewer for Live in the D, but he has another job that he is passionate about: Showing people the hidden, and not so secret, wonders of Detroit. Russell teamed up with A Dream Limousine and together they provide tours of the city, visit important landmarks and share stories attached to them. As one half of Russell Brothers Bus Tours, Greg takes a hands on approach when it comes to showing tourists a good time. 

When you take a tour with Russell Brothers Bus Tours, you get cozy in a party bus, food and snacks are provided and Greg entertains you with interesting facts that you may or may not know about the city of Detroit. Some of the interesting places the tour visits include Motown founder Barry Gordy's former mansion located in the Boston - Edison area, Shinola store on Canfield Street and, of course, the Motown Museum.

Russell said he initially got the idea for the tour while driving with his family. He would shout out facts and information about certain places they would pass, and finally his daughter said he should turn his fact-sharing into a business. He then reached out to his late brother, Cliff, and got him involved. When Cliff passed away in 2018, Greg decided he would continue the company as a way to honor his brother. 

Russell Brother Bus Tours offer afternoon and early evening tours and last about four hours.