Celebrating long lasting love at Lourdes Senior Community

Long successful marriages are something to celebrate and there will be a lot of celebrating with our friends at Lourdes Senior Community in Waterford Sunday. One of the couples they are celebrating is Dr. Don Overy and his wife, Elsie Overy. They will be celebrating 67 years of marriage. They, along with Regina Mallett, the marketing and sales coordinator at Lourdes Senior Community, joined us in the studio to tell us about the celebration and to play the "Very Wed Game" to look back at how they first met. 

The "Very Wed Game" is like the "Newlywed Game" where one person answers the question out loud and the other person writes down their answer to see if they have the same answers. 

First question: Where did you and Dr. Don meet? Elise said, "At the University of Michigan Hospital. I was the medical social worker and Don had just started his residency. Dr. Don had the same answer. 

Second question: Who asked the other out on the first date? Elise said, "Don did," and Dr. Don agreed. 

Third question: Where did you go on the first date? Elsie said, "On a picnic at the hospital." However, Dr. Don did not agree, and he said they went ice skating. 

Fourth question: Why did you get married two weeks early? Dr. Don said, "Well, my wife was very generous. She sent me an invitation to my own wedding, which I thought was nice of her. On the same day, I got my orders in the mail to transfer me to the fleet Marine Corps in Korea," said Dr. Don. Elise agreed that was the reason they got married early. 

The celebration this Sunday at Lourdes Senior Community is the Marriage Blessing. They will be celebrating 14 marriages, which together add up to over 700 years of marriage within their community. "We are going to love on them, celebrate them and bless them", said Mallett. 

To learn more about all that Lourdes Senior Community offers, and to schedule an appointment to tour their beautiful campus, visit their website: lourdesseniorcommunity.org.

This article is sponsored by Lourdes Senior Community