Pampers is helping the changing role of fatherhood

Father's Day is a tradition, but the roles fathers play in their children's lives is anything but traditional. Dads are more involved in parenting than ever before, so today we are celebrating modern dads. Pampers has a new product for dads that can make parenting a little bit easier for them. JeeYoung Wenglikowski, a local mom and the creator of "Simply Every," a Metro Detroit lifestyle and parenting blog, and her husband, David Wenglikowski, joined Jason Carr in the studio to talk about the product. 

"David has been an amazing hands-on father since the beginning. Everything in our household is pretty much 50/50, and I don't think we could survive parenting three little boys without doing it as a team," said JeeYoung. 

Pampers has noticed dads' increasing role and has created a product perfect for them, the Love The Change Diaper Kit. The kit includes the backpack designed for dads, the new Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit Diapers and Pampers Aqua-Pure baby wipes. 

"This is a great Father's Day gift so that dads are ready to go with their own diaper bag that has all of the essentials for the baby," said JeeYoung.

JeeYoung gave David the Love the Change Diaper Kit as an early Father's Day gift.

"Fatherhood has been some of the most rewarding times in my life right now, and it has put my life into perspective," said David. "I try to spend as time as I can with my kids, whether its sports or taking my kids to run errands so I can give my wife time to relax." 

The Love the Change Diaper Kit is available at Walmart, and you can customize it. You can place your order by visiting the website, walmart.com/lovethechange

This article is sponsored by Pampers