'Reel Talk': 'Dark Phoenix', 'Secret Life of Pets 2' and more

Our partners at MJR Digital Cinema want to make sure you know about the new movies out this weekend. Greg Russell joined Jason Carr in the studio to talk about some new releases.

He started with "Dark Phoenix" and explained what the movie is about. It's the story of Jean Grey, who's one of the X-Men, and something happens where her body gets taken over. She becomes somewhat like possessed," Greg said. He said he has not seen the film yet but he said that he has heard great reviews about it and expects it to do well at the box office. 

The second release he discussed was the "Secret Life of Pet 2". It is the story of how a family goes away and the pets are left at home to run wild and free. Greg talked with a few cast members of the movie such as Kevin Hart, Patton Oswalt and Dana Carvey. In the interview, Hart said, "We did an amazing job with part 1 so to have the opportunity to come back for part 2 and be bigger, be better is something that I, of course, jumped at and we add more pieces to this puzzle." Greg gave this film four out of five reels. 

Another release on Netflix is "When They See Us." It's based on a true story about the Central Park Five, five young men who were wrongfully convicted in the assault and rape of a jogger case in 1989. Greg said, "Very compelling, interesting, tough film to watch but, I mean, it's 30 years ago but it could be happening today, and it is quite the thriller." He talked to the cast members of this film, as well. Greg gave this film five out of five reels and said that once you get involved in it, you will want to watch the whole thing. 

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