Should new dads get paid paternity leave?

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This Sunday is Father's Day and today we're talking all about Dads. Joining hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr on the panel today are Rich Rice, the Founder of Detroit by Design, Kerry Doman, the founder of the local family website, "Little Guide Detroit," and Jason Hall with RiDetroit. Today we're asking the question: is there a double standard when it comes to being a dad? 

First up: are stay-at-home dads looked at differently than stay-at-home moms? Jason Carr was the first to answer saying that while he doesn't know many stay-at-home dads, he doesn't think of them any differently than a stay-at-home moms. When asked if he would stay home, he said he absolutely would if he won the lottery. Jason Hall, with winning the lottery or not, said, "I'm trying to live that life." On a more serious note, he said he did not look at stay-at-home dads any differently, stating those stereotypes are outdated and not needed in this day and age. Kerry and Rich both agreed, adding that families need to do what works for them, and there are multiple ways to contribute to a family without going to the office every day. 

Next topic: Changing tables - is it a double standard that they are not always in the men's restrooms? Kerry jumped in first, saying it is a double standard, and that changing tables need to be in both restrooms since both parents do the work. She also pointed out that some public places need to get better at putting changing tables in the women's restroom as well, saying that if you serve food, you should have a changing table. Hall agreed, joking "if there is no changing table, I'm changing my baby on the table." Rich also agreed, adding that he likes to patronize businesses that get ahead of the game and install them before it is law.  

Onto the next topic: New moms get paid maternity leave, but new dads frequently have to take vacation time to be home with a newborn and still receive their pay. Should dads get paid paternity leave too? Everyone on the panel said dads should get an equally long time off as mothers. They pointed out that the time is needed for bonding and to build strong families, as well as to help the mother out as she is recovering from the birth. Jason Carr pointed out that with the birth rate shrinking and people having fewer kids, it means the economic impact on businesses is not as large as they might lead you to think.

We also asked this question of our Facebook fans, and Michelle Oliver came in with their comments. There were some funny ones. Take a look:

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If you are looking for something fun to do with Dad this weekend, RiDetroit is having a Father's Day Bike Scavenger Hunt on June 15th at 10 a.m. starting at the Foundation Hotel.  Ride around the city on an e-bike searching for things with the whole family. 


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