You can experience 4D virtual reality this weekend

There is a one-of-a-kind experience coming to Metro Detroit this weekend at the Hamburg Family Fun Fest. It's called Emotion Matrix, and it's a 4D reality tour that offers a 360-degree experience featuring everything from dinosaurs to jet packs. Clay Martin, from Emotion Matrix, joined us in the studio to tell us about the 4D experience. 

This is different than most virtual reality because along with wearing a virtual reality headset, you are also standing on a moving platform.

"The platform is going to suck you into the experience, so not only are you going to see and hear the sights, and sounds around you, but you are going to feel like you are there in the moment, " said Martin. 

Jason Carr tried the Jet Pack experience, one of 13 different adventures to choose from. If you try one and don't like what is going on, you can tell the operator to stop at any time. 

"I will admit, I had to stop my first time. I was not prepared for what was in store for me," said Martin. "Typically in my experience, the ladies handle it better than the guys do."

If you want to experience the Emotion Matrix for yourself, it's at the Hamburg Family Fun Fest at Bennet Park in Whitemore Lake. The festival starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday.