William Shatner talks about his return to television

A legendary television actor and Emmy award-winner talked to Jason Carr live this morning. If you don't recognize him from "Star Trek," you know him from "T-J Hooker" or "Boston Legal, and now he is coming back to television with a new show. We are talking about the one and only William Shatner, who joined us from Los Angeles. 

He has been working in television for more than 50 years and is back with a new show called "Unexplained." The show deals with unexplained mysteries. 

"We talk about the killing fields in Japan, where people go to commit suicide. There are areas in the world that seem to attract evil," said Shatner. "There is an amusement park where people died, it's shuttered now, what happened? These are some of the unexplained mysteries that will be on the show." 

"Unexplained" premieres July 19 at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.

Shatner will also be attending Alien Con. 

"This is a convention devoted to people who are berserk and fascinated by aliens. The possibility that they were here, they are here, they are coming here," said Shatner.

Alien Con is June 21-23 in Los Angeles.