Jon Jordan gives dads a style upgrade

What a difference a Jon Jordan makes! See real world dads get a fashion overhaul from the style guru himself.

How would you describe the style of the dad in your life? Could it use an upgrade? Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan is here with some stylish suggestions. Jon found some real life dads to give a makeover. He showed before photos of each dad. Then, he brought them out to show their new and improved, stylish fit! 

The first dad's new look included a plaid blazer with a pink shirt underneath. Jon said, "Real men wear pink." He also had on navy slacks and a pair of brown oxford shoes.

The second dad, whose original style was "casual and comfortable" transformed his look by wearing two different shirts, a linen blazer-- and black bottoms.

The third dad wore an Adidas cap and track pants, a light wash denim jacket, a Ralph Lauren polo and sneakers. 

Jon described the fourth dad as "our festive dad." The dad popped out with a pop of color. He had on a bright yellow suit jacket with a pale blue button up underneath, white jeans and pale yellow shoes to match. 

All the looks came from Macy's and are perfect for a Father's Day brunch!