Looking for a place to take dad for Father's Day? Check this place out!

We Dine in the D at Tap & Barrel Grill in Shelby Twp.!

Located in Shelby Township is a prohibition themed bar with a fun relaxed atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. 

"We wanted it very warm and welcoming for everybody. The customers love us. You'd be surprised,  I see the same customers sometimes 7 days a week, 5 days a week, they come like clockwork. It's like a Cheers bar almost," said the owner, Matthew Aubrey.

It's called Tap & Barrel Grill, and with a name like that, you may think they're all about the beer, and they do have an excellent selection of  over 90 beers in house and 40 of them on tap. Aubrey says they are constantly adding new craft beers to the menu every week. However, beer is not their only focus, they care a lot about the food. 

"I said this before I opened, you can drink anywhere, but you must have good food," said Aubrey. So he made food a priority. They have a large menu with a variety of options for everyone. They even have some vegan and gluten-free options so no one feels left out. While the dishes range in style, they all have their own unique twist, like their ribs which are marinated in Coca Cola, or their Chicken and Waffles which are battered in Cornflakes and topped with a Faygo Root Beer syrup.

Being a former DJ, Aubrey cares a lot about have a fun entertaining atmosphere, frequently hosting live bands and trivia nights. Their expansive patio is also a cool place to hang out in when the weather is nice.

If you want to try out Tap & Barrel Grill it is located at 50055 Van Dyke Ave. in Shelby Township. 

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