Reel Talk: 'Shaft', 'Men in Black International', and more

It's Reel Talk time! Our partners at MJR Digital Cinemas, want you to know about the new movies out this weekend. Greg Russell joined us in the studio to give us the details on "Shaft," "Men in Black International" and "I am Mother." 

Russell started with the latest addition to the "Shaft" series, with returning actors Samuel L. Jackson and Roundtree. The new "Shaft" movie is a continuation of the previous "Shaft" movie. Richard Roundtree said that he had no idea that the franchise would last this long. Russell gave "Shaft" four reels. "It's a good movie," said Russell. 

Then Russell talked about "Men in Black International." This time they are going international with an entirely new cast. This is a reboot, not a redo. "This time, you know how they always fought against aliens? Well, they find out they have a mole inside the MIB, so that is what they have to check out," said Russell. 

Lastly, Russell touched on a new Netflix movie out this week. "I am Mother" is about a young girl who was entirely raised by robots. "When you watch this movie, it is a sci-fi movie, but it could be a reality," said Hillary Swank, who is a lead character in the movie. Russell gave "I am Mother" three reels. "It's sci-fi and it just really opens your eyes about things that are going on, who is listening and who is out there," said Russell. 

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