Ways to keep your pet safe while boating this season

Summer officially starts Friday, and that means many people will be boating. Some may bring their pet along for the ride but have questions about how to do so safely.

There are ways to make sure a boating trip is fun and safe for your pet. Anna Chrisman, from the Michigan Humane Society, joined us in the studio to talk about pet boater safety. She also brought with her an adorable pet that needs a home. Our friend Mike Morse and the Mike Morse Law Firm will pay the standard adoption fees for whoever adopts today's pet.  

Chrisman says around summertime, the  Humane Society gets a lot of questions regarding taking pets out on the water. The first thing pet owners should do is talk their veterinarian. Second, owners should buy a properly fitted flotation device for their pet. Chrisman says pets should be wearing the flotation device at all time when they are on the water. Third, pet owners need to have a plan regarding how they how are they are going to feed and hydrate their pet, and how their pet is going to go to the bathroom if they need to. Lastly, owners need to get pet-safe sunscreen. 

"A lot of people forget dogs, especially with a lighter coat are prone to sunburn, and it can do a lot of damage," said Chrisman. 

Chrisman brought with her a dog that needs a home. Her name is Zara. Zara is a 4-year-old pitbull in need of a loving home.

You might remember last week's pet of the week, a kitten named Charles. He was just nine weeks old when he was here. He was adopted the next day, and the Mike Morse Law Firm paid his standard adoption fees. 

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