Shake things up for National Martini Day with Old Pony Martini Pub

Shaken or stirred? Gin or vodka? Dry vermouth or sweet vermouth? How do you like your martini? Today is National Martini Day, and one place in Grosse Point is known for its long list of creative martini cocktails: The Old Pony Martini Pub. Melissa Winn, who is the manager and Chelsea Garcia, the lead bartender, joined us in the studio. 

"Martinis are extremely versatile. We can do a million things with them, we try and do a fun cocktail a fun martini," said Winn. "We are not a craft martini bar, but we play around with mixes and syrups, and we have a creative staff,"

They mixed for Tati Amare and Jason Carr their most popular martini, the 99 Problems. The martini consists of house-infused pineapple vodka, pomegranate liquor, pineapple juice and freshly squeezed lime. 

"On our menu, we have a little over a dozen martinis, and we are willing to try or make anything," said Winn.

Each week, the pub also features a martini that is made in-house by one of the bartenders.

The Old Pony Martini Pub is located on Notre Dame in the heart of Grosse Point off of Kercheval.