This restaurant has market fresh food!

From top of the line steaks to perfectly grilled seafood, everything at Bistro Joe's is market fresh. That's because this upscale restaurant is located on the second floor of Papa Joe's Gourmet Market in Birmingham.

"Probably one of the best gourmet markets out there, the food's all fresh, high quality," explains Bistro Joe's General Manager, Kurt Bender. 

You can see exactly where your food was picked out from all three of the restaurant's dining spaces. The patio looks out over both the market and Woodward Avenue. The fresh air and sunny yellow color make it a fun and relaxed area to dine. Their main dining space is darker and a bit more romantic with a bar and live music being played on Friday nights. They also have a rustic private wine room in the back for private parties. 

So what do you serve if you have access to everything?

"That's what's hard," said Bender. They describe themselves as a French Bistro, but they offer so much more! Offerings include everything from a 47oz. Flaming Tomahawk Steak to their Japanese inspired tacos, Ahi Tuna Tacushi. Other popular dishes included their Asian sticky ribs, Meditteranean grilled octopus, and their Black Angus Sliders. They are frequently inspired by what's in the market, so they have nightly specials like their halibut with a parmesan risotto cake with a watermelon arugula salad.

Bistro Joe's is located at 34244 Woodward Avenue in Birmingham Michigan.

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