Get your kids cooking with the Edible Wow classes at Eastern Market

Kids cook side by side with professional chefs

There's an opportunity for kids to cook side by side with professional chefs right here in Detroit. It's all part of the Edible Wow cooking series at Eastern Market. Chef Lamar Farhat from Honey Hole in Plymouth and two young chefs, Adrianna and Natasha, joined Jason Carr to discuss the series and to make a couple of small dishes. 

Anika Summers, from Eastern Market, said this is a great way for kids to get active in a different way, and they can also have a new way to hang out with their parents as they cook lunch or dinner. She said the earlier they start, the sooner they learn how to eat healthy dishes. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, there are nutrition education classes where children and adults cook together with different chefs from around the community. 

Farhat introduced the kid chefs and the dishes they were making, which included ice cream sundaes with fresh berry compote. These are just a sample of what the kids chefs will learn to make in these classes. The nutrition education classes also help encourage families to shop at Eastern Market for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as just enjoying family time indoors and outdoors. 

Check out Tuesday markets at Eastern Market. You'll find everything you can get on the weekends from fresh flowers to produce and all kinds of food. 

Tuesday markets are open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and run through the end of September.