Is it okay to use a safety leash to keep track of your kid?

We're discussing summer events on "What's the Buzz"!

Today's "What's the Buzz" is all about summer events - from festivals to concerts, to art fairs. There are a lot of issues that come up when going to these fun events. Joining hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr to talk about them are: Mark Sobolewski, a Middle School teacher, comedian, and actor; Kim Trent, a local writer, and Wayne State Regent; and Tony Frost, a local singer.   

So first up: When it comes to summer events, do you like to arrive early and leave early to beat the crowds? Or is that a part of the fun? Mark started the group off by admitting that he never gets anywhere early, but that is a part of his plan when it comes to summer events. He likes to position himself so that getting out of an event is easier, and that typically means being late to get a spot near the exit. Kim says it depends on the venue. When she went to DTE Energy Theatre she went early and had dinner at their restaurant and said that was a nice way to pass the time if you want to come early. Tony said he likes to get to the venue late and leave early, depending on the event.

On to the next topic: Keeping track of kids at summer fairs can be a challenge. Do you think it's okay for parents to use a child safety leash to help keep track of their children? Kim admitted she probably should have used one when her son was growing up, telling us about the time her son crawled 9 pews ahead of them while at church, causing quite the stir in the congregation.  Tony said he is more old school, being the youngest of 8 he had a strict upbringing and they had to know how to behave in public. "I just feel like putting a leash on a kid is ethically wrong," said Tony.  School teacher, Mark Sobolewski, said that if your kids don't behave, they should stay at home. 

We asked our viewers this same question, and Michelle Oliver came in with their responses. Here are some below:

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