Got pets, kids, and wet messes? These are the stylish floors for your home

Tired of looking at beat-up wood floors or carpet and want to freshen up your home's style but afraid of the floors getting all messed up again? Our friends at Empire Today have several great options. Ryan Salzwedel, a.k.a. "The Empire Man", came to the studio Tuesday to show us the options they carry.

"Everybody loves that beautiful hardwood look in their home but let's face it hardwood and moisture don't always mix," said Salzwedel. 

The good news is there is now flooring that will give you the hardwood look in areas you didn't think were possible, like in your kitchen or bathroom. Salzwedel showed us three different options. 

The first option was vinyl plank. "This is one of the hottest flooring trends out there, and there is a reason for that. You can use it anywhere, like kitchens and bathrooms," said Salzwedel. "I like to call it lifestyle-proof." You can get vinyl plank with a cork backing that will drown out the noise in your home. 

The second option was laminate. "This is not your grandma's laminate," said Salzwedel. The laminate is 100% waterproof, has a wood-look finish, feels like real wood and has a scratch-resistant finish.

The last option was a wood-look tile. "This is the high-end stuff," said Salzwedel. "Now you can get that wood plank look in your bathrooms and kitchens. It is so easy to maintain, just a mop and some water." Salzwedel mentioned that if you take care of your wood-look tile, then it should last for decades. 

If you want Empire Today to come to your home to give your floors a makeover, you can call 1-800-588-2300 or visit empiretoday.com. You can schedule a free in-home appointment.