The Code to Success for teens this summer

There's a free summer program for teens here in the D through the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan called The Code to Sucess- This program is made possible by our friends at Ally Financial. Demetrius Scott is the Manager of Corporate Citizenship at Ally, and Cortnie Squirewell is the Executive Director of Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement with the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan. 

Scott was a club kid and now he is giving back to the organization. He said, "I remember as a club kid I received my first real job. It really kind of sparked my interest to be a financial professional."

The Code to Success is a six-week program. During that time students learn the fundamentals of creating websites and building apps. "It really falls into one of our pillars of economic mobility, which is work force preparedness and digital job training," said Scott. 

Squirewell said, "Not only will they be creating websites, they'll learn the front end and back end of the creation of the websites and then from that they'll be able to use those skills that they've learned to become young entrepreneurs."

Ninth through12th graders with a Boys and Girls Club membership are all eligible for the camp. For more information you can visit bgcsm.org