Important guidelines to keep your pet safe in summer heat

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The hot summer weather is settling in, and it's a good time to consider what that could mean for your pets. Anna Chrisman, from the Michigan Humane Society, was back with us Tuesday morning to give us some essential guidelines to keep your pets safe and healthy in the heat. Chrisman also brought with her an adorable dog that needs a home. Our friend, Mike Morse, and the Mike Morse Law Firm will pay the standard adoption fees for whoever adopts Tuesday's pet. 

Chrisman said to never leave pets in a warm car, not even "just for a minute" as you dash into a store. After just 10 minutes, 70 degrees turns into a deadly 90 degrees inside of a car. The next guideline she said is to exercise your pet during the cooler morning and evening hours, and that short-nosed breeds like bulldogs and pugs are much more susceptible to hot weather. Lastly, always have cool, clean water and shade available for pets when outside and monitor them for signs of heatstroke.  

Chrisman brought with her a puppy named Snape.

"He has amazing puppy energy, this is the kind of dog that is going to want to run, jump and play all of the time," said Chrisman. "This is a great puppy if you are a very active person and you like to run, jog all those kinds of things."

If you remember last week's pet of the week, Jasmine the kitten has been adopted and has a new forever home. The Mike Morse Law Firm paid her standard adoption fees. 

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